Komaplly’s Rise: Look North Policy Impact on Real Estate


North Hyderabad, once a quiet part of India’s vibrant tech and pharma city, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. With a surge in infrastructure, IT sector growth, and real estate development in and around the area, it is rapidly becoming the new focal point of growth and opportunity in Hyderabad. Kompally is a quiet residential area of Hyderabad. The region is known for its greenery and scenic surroundings. The property prices in the region are comparatively lower. Investing in property right now would prove to be very profitable in the future. Kompally offers many important public amenities in the vicinity such as schools and hospitals. The location also provides basic needs such as grocery stores, restaurants, and banks. Importantly, there are numerous activities available in the area for the entire family including parks and shopping centers.

Strategic Location

Kompally, nestled in North Hyderabad, boasts a strategic location with exceptional connectivity to vital city areas. Growth in plot sales is being witnessed in Kompally due to its excellent connectivity through National Highway 44 and Outer Ring Road. While the National Highway 44 passes through Kompally, it also provides direct connectivity with the Outer Ring Road which lies 4.5 km from the locality. The region is also located 4 km from the Hyderabad-Nagpur Highway. The Bolaram Railway Station is around 4 km from Kompally.  

Growing Infrastructure

Kompally is experiencing a surge in infrastructural growth, marked by the construction of new roads, bridges, and transportation networks to accommodate its burgeoning population. While St. Martin’s Engineering College, Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Delhi Public School, and Pearson are the major educational institutions in the region, major hospitals include Srikara, Konark and Bloom. The locality also has presence of many shopping centers, including Big Bazaar, along with multiple banks and grocery stores

Thriving Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Kompally pulsates with vitality and dynamism, offering a diverse array of residential and commercial properties tailored to suit various budgets and preferences. Whether it’s luxurious villas and apartments or bustling commercial complexes and retail spaces, Kompally presents a spectrum of investment options to cater to discerning investors. This rich variety not only reflects the area’s growing appeal but also underscores its potential as a thriving hub for real estate investment, promising lucrative returns in the evolving landscape of Hyderabad’s property market.

Healthcare Facilities

Kompally emerges as a prime destination for families seeking top-notch healthcare services, The area’s landscape is enriched by the presence of hospitals like Mother And Child Hospital, Surekha Hospital, Arke Hospital which not only enhance its appeal but also draw residents from various parts of Hyderabad . With a focus on providing healthcare facilities  Kompally establishes itself as a favored residential locality, offering a harmonious blend of lifestyle amenities and essential services for families to thrive and prosper.

In the vast landscape of Hyderabad’s real estate market, Kompally in North Hyderabad is rapidly emerging as a prime destination for property investment. Kompally, stands as a beacon of promise in the realm of real estate investment. Its strategic location, bolstered by a burgeoning infrastructure and a flourishing real estate market, sets the stage for remarkable growth and opportunity. But Kompally offers more than just a prime location; it boasts a comprehensive array of amenities and services essential for modern living. The potential for property appreciation further sweetens the deal, making Kompally an irresistible prospect for those seeking to secure their future or make a profitable investment. Whether one aims to find their dream home or capitalize on the lucrative real estate market, Kompally emerges as a compelling choice that embodies the essence of a promising real estate destination.

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