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Long ago, in ancient India, there lived wise sages who believed that the way a home was built could deeply affect the lives of its inhabitants. They observed the natural elements and energies around them, understanding how they influenced human life. These sages discovered principles known as Vastu Shastra, which guided the design and construction of homes in harmony with nature. According to ancient stories passed down through generations, Vastu was considered a sacred science, gifted to humanity by the divine. 

                         These stories often speak of how adhering to Vastu guidelines could bring harmony, and happiness to those who followed them. As such, Vastu became an integral part of constructing homes, ensuring they were not just structures but spaces that nurtured both physical and spiritual growth. However while buying a new apartment or villa make sure you buy a home which was built according to vastu. Lets deep dive into some factors that speaks about house vastu:

The house facing should be East or North according to vastu: In ancient tales, it is often said that homes facing eastward are blessed with abundance of harmony, and peace. This belief has been cherished for generations, guiding people in their search for the perfect dwelling. According to these stories, when embarking on the quest for a dream home, priority should be given to finding one that faces east. This direction is believed to invite positive energies, aligning with the rising sun and symbolizing new beginnings and prosperity. Thus, in the ancient tradition of Vastu Shastra, the orientation of a home towards the east holds great significance, laying the foundation for a life filled with harmony and well-being.

When choosing a dream home, choose good ventilation: In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the significance of ventilation in a home speaks more about its essence and livability. Despite the evolving nature of modern lifestyle, the timeless wisdom of Vastu remains pertinent, urging individuals to consider its principles when seeking their dream abode. Amidst the myriad considerations, one crucial aspect stands out: ventilation. According to Vastu Shastra, adequate ventilation ensures the influx of natural light and fresh air into the home, fostering an environment brimming with positivity and vitality. Therefore, when embarking on the journey to find a new home, prioritizing ventilation becomes imperative. This entails seeking out residences equipped with ample windows and airflow, as recommended by Vastu guidelines. In essence, the ancient wisdom of Vastu encourages individuals to harmonize their living spaces with the natural elements, promoting not only physical comfort but also spiritual well-being.

Placements of kitchen, staircase, master bedroom and main door: According to ancient wisdom, kitchens located in the southwest direction are deemed unfavorable, as they are believed to disrupt the flow of positive energy within the home. Ideally, the bedroom should be in the southwest corner as this will help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. The position of the bedroom is important to ensure that your home is a peaceful abode according to Vastu tips for buying a new flat. Similarly, the orientation of the main door holds significant importance in Vastu Shastra, as it serves as the primary entry point for energy into the home. Ideally, the main door should predominantly face either the north or east direction, symbolizing the ingress of prosperity, abundance, and positive vibes. By prioritizing the alignment of the kitchen, master bedroom, and main door according to Vastu principles, individuals can ensure that their premium houses not only exude opulence and luxury but also resonate with positive energy and spiritual balance. 

Vastu tips for buying new flat for interiors and colors for a house: Vastu tips for new homes suggest avoiding buying flats painted in dark colors. This is because dark colors in your home’s walls, furniture, floors, etc. radiate negative energy. In contrast, light colors such as pink, yellow, orange, etc. radiate positive energy. Homes and balcony colors as per Vastu are suitable to buy as per Vastu principles. 

The shape of the building/structure should be in line with Vastu norms: As per Vastu tips for positive energy in a home, two shapes are important when it comes to buying property. These shapes decide the overall prosperity and well-being of the people who stay on that property. The ‘Gaumukhi’ shape, which is narrow at the point of entry and broad at the back is considered good for plots that are being bought for housing purposes. The ‘Shermukhi’ shape is broad at the entrance and narrow at the back and is considered the best for commercial properties. Extended corners are considered unsuitable for residential properties except in the northeast.

Ancient Vastu shastra says corner flat is best: Considering Vastu Shastra, the choice of living spaces extends beyond mere convenience or aesthetics; it encompasses the alignment of one’s dwelling with the natural forces that govern the universe. According to Vastu principles, corner apartments are believed to possess unique qualities that make them particularly auspicious and harmonious abodes. One of the primary reasons behind this preference lies in the enhanced ventilation and sunlight exposure that corner units often offer. Situated at the intersection of two exterior walls, these apartments benefit from increased airflow and natural light, creating an atmosphere that is both invigorating and uplifting. This influx of fresh air and sunlight is not merely a matter of physical comfort; it is seen as a manifestation of positive energy flowing into the home, revitalizing the space and its occupants alike.

Avoid buying flats that have large bodies of water in the South or West direction: Vastu tips for buying new flats suggest that homebuyers should avoid buying flats that have large bodies of water. Especially in the South or West direction of the apartment.

Considering all this, Vasavi group is the best choice, as Vastu Shastra has been widely considered to solve issues in new and old homes. Hence, various Vastu tips are often used to allow positive energy into our homes. Though some might not believe in the usefulness of Vastu Shastra, these tips are still worth a shot when it comes to instilling positivity in your dream home.

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