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5 Best Residential Areas for IT Professionals in Hyderabad

Hyderabad with its blooming IT-powered industry renders itself to be one of the best investment choices to start up your own IT firm or kick start your career with widely available job opportunities. With expanded spaces, refreshing ecosystems, and developments executed by several renowned architects, Hyderabad has been shaped to comfort residents with endless alternatives to pick from.

Further, by increasing connectivity and convenience, IT professionals can easily locate their residence closer to their workspace to reduce the time and money expended on commute.

5 Best Residential Areas in Hyderabad


  • Hi-Tech City

Hi-Tech City is positioned as one of the most vibrant IT-centric areas in Hyderabad. With easy attainable transport and infrastructure services to modern housing structures, there is a lot that this city has to offer. No wonder, it makes its way to take the top position onto our list. Serving residents with its urban surroundings, there are ample flats for sale in Hitech City. Further providers like the Vasavi Group and many more developers have made it a central point of their projects.

residential areas

  • Manikonda

Manikonda is yet another suburb located in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana. Manikonda has gained a name in the IT industry in recent years with specialized software organizations prospering in the area. It can make for an ideal destination for individuals with their career planned in software development, testing, and other relevant sectors. Encircled with efficiently established educational institutes, schools, colleges, grocery stores, and restaurants, it surely delivers the best of services.

  •  Gachibowli

Gachibowli is the most preferred location by the professionals for residential purposes in Hyderabad. With the serene and calming rural areas, it provides urban housing models with fast-paced connectivity. This implies an individual can benefit from its diverse amenities and relish a lifestyle with the best of both worlds. Of course, developers like Vasavi Group facilitate flats for sale in Gachibowli, inducing the space to be even more luxurious.

  •  Miyapur

Miyapur is a powerhouse to IT-oriented professionals with proximity to other IT Hubs like Gachibowli, Kondapur, and many more. Miyapur is every dweller’s favorite location in Hyderabad, standing as a popular suburb acquainted with higher and middle-class families. It also offers varied homes designed by the topmost developers at suitable pricing. Further, the bonus point is that its ROI is comparatively high giving investors a boost with explicit returns.

  •  Kondapur

 Kondapur is a prime center with renowned IT firms, popular restaurants, co-working spaces, and more, earning it to be one of the most desired locations by IT professionals. With 2 and 3 Bhk flats for sale in Kondapur, it contributes exotic designs with refreshing landscapes. Its Botanical Garden has attracted more visitors during breaks in between work hours, making it an absolute stress-busting surrounding.

While Hyderabad has proven to be an ideal location for investors with potential IT settings like the ones listed above, the list can be never-ending. Its affordable housing has to be one of the biggest merits with highways and metros connecting all of the locales effortlessly.

With the essence of a rural set up that entices one’s mind, it’s urban infrastructure and buildings have blown the minds of many.


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tips for oragnizing your house

10 Tips for Organizing Your Whole House

Tips for Organizing Your Whole House

The price of your house does not matter if it looks aesthetic. This is why organizing your whole house is as important as buying it at the right cost. So, here we are with our ten-tiny tips to help you organize your house well:-

1. Buy multipurpose storages

Multipurpose storages are a great way to save space and make your house look organized. Because these storages serve two purposes. Firstly, it helps you in organizing your whole house by accommodating numerous things. Secondly, it saves your money that could have been wasted on another storage.

2. Put the daily usable items outside

Due to multiple drawers, there is a high probability of things getting messed up. Due to frequent use, we tend to use things in a hurry and then putting them back improperly. Hence, the best tip involved here is to keep your daily use items outside.

3. Fold the clothes smartly to get more cupboard space

Nowadays, many flats for sale in hyderabad are semi-furnished or fully furnished and have Almira’s. But all this furniture makes sense only if you store the things in the right manner. Thus, in order to save space in your wardrobe, you must fold your clothes smartly especially. Instead of piling up, you can either cling down your shirts and trousers in hangers or just simply fold them in a rolling manner.

4. Do a clean check of your drawers monthly

Drawers are the basic things to help you store things efficiently. This is why they deserve some attention. Hence, make sure to do a regular clean check of your drawers. This helps to keep them clean, organized, and free from clutter.

5. Avoid buying unnecessary stuff

Does your house feel like a dump yard during cleaning or shifting? If yes, then you need to take care of your shopping habits. Think twice or thrice before buying anything. Because any irrelevant thing bought today can make your house look unorganized tomorrow.

6. Follow the 3R rule

The 3R rule is a basic yet very useful rule. You just need to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This is even a great way to bring out your inner creativity. You can turn your waste into worth by following some simple reuse and recycling techniques.

7. Decorate your bedroom with memories

The beauty of your bedroom cannot be ignored when it comes to organizing your whole house. And, the best way to make it look organized is to utilize your photo albums. Take out all the funky and interesting photographs of your family and embed them on the walls of your bedroom.

8. Make sure to throw the garbage regularly

An unnecessary pile of garbage makes your house look dirty and unorganized. Thus, always make sure to clean the garbage at time so that your house looks arranged and tidy.

9. Place different dustbins for each room

Nearly all the flats for sale in hitech city are 2 bhk or 3 bhk. If you are also a multi-room house owner, then designate a unique dustbin for every room.

10. Make ‘keeping things at place’ a habit

Believe it or not, but all of us are highly insincere when it comes to placing things in the right place. All the trash that you see on your study table, dressing table is a result of this ugly habit of not placing things back at their right place. Hence, in order to change it, adopt a new habit of ‘keeping things at place.

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Why Choose 3 BHK Flats Instead of 2 BHK Flats in Hyderabad?

Choosing the perfect house among all the available choices can be a tedious task indeed. The four-letter word ‘HOME’ instills thousands of feelings within us. But, with time, the preferences of the people have changed. The present generation is investing more in flats than on villas. As a result, the flat sales have significantly gone up in the past few years.

Hyderabad, which lies as a landmark city of India, is evolving with every passing day. The city faces innumerable migration every year. With the amount of people moving in, the demand for flats in Hyderabad is also increasing.

The most common type of flat that people invest in is either a 2 or 3 BHK flat. People tend to invest in 2BHKs more as there exists this belief that 3BHKs are costlier. In this article, we are about to list a few reasons why investing in 3BHK flats in Hyderabad is a better idea.

Reasons to Choose 3BHK over 2BHK flats in Hyderabad

1. Greater Space

Everyone likes their homes to be big and spacious. 3BHK flats in Hyderabad provide a greater space. With most of the families having 4-6 members, 3BHK flats are ideal choice. The flat can accommodate everyone comfortably. Even if you have a 2-4 member family, the additional rooms can be converted into office space or guest rooms.

In Hyderabad, which is a suburban city, there would be plenty of guests visiting your house during family get-together or office parties. By choosing 3BHK flat, you have the space to accommodate everyone.

2. Economical Choice

Most people do not know that buying a 3BHK is much more economical than buying a 2 BHK flat. At just 20 to 30% higher price, you can get an additional room, bigger space and add more aesthetics to your house.

In cities like Hyderabad, the average price of a 2BHK apartment could range between 40 – 50 Lakhs. On the other hand, you could get a big and spacious 3BHK flat in about 52-55Lakhs. These are average prices and do differ with the change in localities.

3. Connectivity

Another important reason of why it is wise to invest in 3BHK apartments in Hyderabad is the planning of the city. Most of the well-known and gated societies offer 3BHK flats. To get your hand on a 2 BHK flat, you might have to move towards out-skirts of the city. This can cause transport and connectivity problems. It’s wiser to be on the safer side.

4. Easier to get Loans

If you are planning to take a loan for a house as small as a 2BHK flat, you are likely to face some rejection. Banks and loan providers are more keen to provide loans to bigger apartments and renowned projects.


A house is a permanent asset. It’s advised to plan your house according to your future needs. In places like Hyderabad, it’s important to stay connected. With all the reasons listed above and a few more aspects, investing in a 3BHK flat is a much more convenient option. But the decision is yours. Think twice and then decide.


How to Select the Best Residential Area

Choosing the right apartment with the right amenities is important but the location plays a huge role while selecting one. It determines the house’s value. When looking for a home with the best residential area, there are certain things you must not forget, here they are:

1. Centrality

It is important that your house is located at reachable distance from some important facilities like Hospitals, schools, railway station, bus stop etc. Finding a property which is located at the center of everything is not easy but getting one which is close is possible.

This will not only be easier but also save your time from unnecessary paying for travelling long distances to get at a particular place. A property situated at a seclude area where transportation and getting other facilities is not easy can be a real problem over a course of time.

2. Neighborhood

Your neighborhood decides how you feel about that particular property. Living in a safe neighborhood is essential because you need to feel secure when you go out. Also, the appearance of the neighborhood matters, like if there are enough trees surrounding the area or not. It only makes it more desirable.

There should also be good accessibility from your neighborhood. Basic shops like grocery, hardware, salons should be at a better distance, so you do not have to go long distances every time you have to purchase a basic thing.

3. Development

Development of the area is essential. It is not the amenities that are present now which matters, future developments are important too. Plans like future schools, public transportation, airport, hospital etc can largely improve the property’s worth.

Commercial development is also one of the factors which can improve the value of the property. The better are the future plans, the more desirable property becomes. There are some of the best residential space in Hyderabad which offers great development plans over the course of time.

4. Lot Location

Paying attention to the actual lot location of your house is important. Imagine your house being located right in front of the national highway, that can cause a little noisy situation wouldn’t it? There are many residential space in Hyderabad which are located at such places.

It also means that such houses are sold at cheaper rates because its hard to sell them. Also, some houses which stands right next to community centers, gas stations or churches etc then you may experience large traffics and extreme parking situations.


Finding the best location is a subjective matter. People choose what suits them and it is as per every individual personal need. Know that along with the location, you are maintaining your budget also. Don’t lose the house’s value just because it has certain attractive amenities like gyms, malls, grocery stores etc nearby.

Along with choosing the right property, choosing the best residential area is very important and residential space in Hyderabad is just offering that because it includes all the above aspects in the above given article.

advantages of gated community living

Advantages of a Gated Community Living

Advantages of a Gated Community Living

Choosing to live in private enclosed residential areas has been a prevailing trend recently, not only in the housing market but also in retail markets in developing and developed countries, real estate, industrial estate, etc. The physical barrier around communities serves several functions. As we all know due to urbanization, metropolitan cities are growing rapidly in all aspects where we witness flats for sale in Hitech city such as Hyderabad which provide ample occupational opportunities for people belonging to all socio-economic status.

People wish to maintain a specific standard of living which can be effectively fulfilled by purchasing a flat that is equipped with various amenities. These arrangements help to bring complete satisfaction in the mind of the general public. Following are some of the most prevalent advantages of a gated community:

  • Security Zones: Gated communities offer 24/7 security services that cannot easily be breached by non-residents. This factor plays an important role in bringing a sense of safety in the mind of the residents. Security services ensure that your children and elderly people residing within the community are protected from intruders at all times. One of the most effective advantages of a gated community is that these establishments are equipped with CCTV cameras. With the assistance of these devices, you can be sure that all your other assets in terms of private vehicles and other belongings are safe from the hands of outsiders.

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  • Lifestyle: Enhancement of lifestyle in its quality has been the highlight, with leisure amenities, playgrounds, parks, luxury spas, and pools to accommodate and occupy all types of persons. These additional services help you to fulfill the requirements of a modern-day lifestyle. It also creates an interactive environment where people from different backgrounds of society can come together and live in peace and harmony. Moreover, the most significant advantages of a gated community are that it helps you to save valuable finances in the long run as you do not have to pay extra charges to access facilities offered by the gym, swimming pool, and the games room.


  • Eco-friendly environment: Various Gated communities and apartments for sale in Hitech city are equipped with lush green parks and gardens. The spaces offered within the gated communities are managed to perfection. Hyderabad is growing at a rapid pace. Thus, there is immediate pressure in the real estate industry to fulfill commercial and residential space requirements. Therefore, being able to enjoy adequate open space that is overflowing with greenery is a luxury indeed. Gated communities have an environment that can be cherished by people of diverse age groups.

Apartments for sale in Hitech city Hyderabad offers you higher quality living and financial gain, where you can perfectly snatch the opportunity of investment, and also have the amenities, exclusivity, and sense of prestige. Get in touch with expert real estate companies to enjoy such benefits.

Things to do after moving into a new house
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Things To Do After Moving Into A New House

Shifting to a new home is a wonderful experience. It’s your escape from the outside world and a place to rejuvenate. You can plan out your designs, have a wonderful house warming party and probably live out the rest of your life in your happy home. But there are several things to do after moving into a new home which could help bring more life to your house and brighten up your mood every day. Making the right choices can reduce stress and help you manage your home in a better way.  

It’s as important as keeping things ready before moving. You hire an agent to find the right location for your home so that you can plan your life around an area. You settle in with packers who bring your furniture into the new home and you start to arrange your home accordingly. Marking your items and chalking them down is a good way to make sure you are not missing any of your things. Flats for sale in Hitech city are usually spacious, especially if you head in for trusted brands like Vasavi Builders. But things to do after moving into a new house depend on you and the way you envision your new home.

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Things to Do After Moving into a New House

  • Moving into a new home can be exciting, especially if it’s brand new. But if you are moving into a home that was previously occupied, make sure you are not overcharged on electricity or water. One of the best things to do after moving into a new home is to take note of the usage before you occupy the house so that you can dispute the total once the bill arrives.
  • Everyone has their rituals to perform when moving into a new home. Make sure you take care of all the religious practices you need to follow through before you shift all your furniture. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing any spaces in the new house.
  • Place your items in the right boxes while shifting and place the boxes in the right spot in the new house. This way you can easily empty boxes exactly where you want things to go. If you are moving from a 2 bhk to a 3 bhk flat for sale in Tolichowki, it is better to pre-plan your house set up so that you avoid worrying about the extra room at the last minute.
  • Firstly, never put all your faith in an agent to give you the perfect house. Always check the house a day before moving into it and make sure there is no space untouched or unpainted. Check the house thoroughly for any sign of damage.
  • Changing your locks can help you save a ton of effort to safeguard your family. Most property owners never change locks and the previous tenant always has a way inside. This is why it is always better to personally get your locks changed, especially if you want to shift into a new home for good. 


Don’t forget the 2 most important things to do when moving into a new house:-

1. Throw a party to celebrate this great event, and 

2. Meet your neighbors. Make new friends and enjoy your new home.