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Top 4 Reasons to Make Property Investment in South India

Top 4 Reasons to Make Property Investment in South India

It’s evident that Southern property investment have ushered dynamic windfalls despite the recent reforms positioned by the government which trembled the entire real estate market.

With Bangalore and Hyderabad being one of the most rapidly evolving cities in Asia, they sure do attract a lot of property investment. If that doesn’t clarify the leveraged growth detected in South India, let’s take a peek at some of the reasons that make it an extraordinary investment opportunity.

  • Availability of Efficient Infrastructure

Southern India facilitates efficacy by deliberately erecting roads, trains and public transportation networks. Bangalore has a bunch of new projects ranging from metro linking the entire Bangalore with the airport to vibrant and highly-functioning regions, to railway networks connecting the suburbs. Further, Chennai is laboring on projects supporting road infrastructure to reduce the traffic on the express highways, likewise, Hyderabad aims at developing systems to promote easy and accessible connectivity. With a robust infrastructure network, South India makes property investment vastly appealing.

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  • IT Hubs/ IT Oriented Cities

With continually prospering Information Technology in the south, India has witnessed impeccable growth in this industry. Development of IT firms, multinational companies and corporations which support a client base situated overseas in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. It also attracts investments from international sources which further establish IT companies in excellent locations. Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad stand as the top cities in India with strengthened IT Hubs. It moreover encourages start-ups as the south  India holds potential and the market can facilitate the accelerated expansion of startups.

  • Affordable Housing in Demand

The most vital component that propels real estate investments in the South is the availability of land or constructed spaces ias compared to cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Along with the availability, it also allows access to a leisurely suburban life with ample amenities. The metros running in the south avail enriched experience to the commuters along with an appropriately established property. It further enables flexibility with properties varying from small spaces to enlarged spaces. Housing in South India is also exceptionally affordable with reasonable pricing. This has created soaring demand in the marketplace for southern real estate.

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  • Attracts NRI Investment

With the surging demand in the market, real estate in the southern cities has attained refreshed altitudes. With the cities marching towards a developing area, they have come up with endless services ranging from connectivity, infrastructure, the potential of IT firms and startups. This elevated and vibrant market has enabled NRI investments to have a stake in the vastly progressing Indian firms, further, they also see potential in establishing international firms for retaining assured returns and interests. Real estate is an excellent investment route for NRIs as it upholds steady sources of income and delights their affairs with the economy.

Now that we have studied some of the reasons impacting the advancements in real estate in South India, it’s easier to comprehend precisely what factors highlight and allure investments in this area.  Its development has been gradual and long-lasting, generating intensified demand for it. Further, the rich heritage that it has to offer is a cherry on the cake.


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Things to Consider While Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Things to Consider While Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate is such a daunting act that people are usually overwhelmed by it. The entire process causes people to overlook certain things while making the big decision of investment. These lapses in awareness can cost a lot of money and should be avoided at all costs.

If you are looking for any commercial office space in Hyderabad or anywhere else in India, here is a list of things to keep in mind before making any investment.

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  • Location: Location is probably the most important factor when it comes to the price of commercial real estate. Properties in good locations like a commercial space financial district are guaranteed to give you good returns. Facilities like good transport system, distance from the metro, airport, and other factors are to be considered when choosing a good location.
  • Scope for marketability: Marketability is an important feature of commercial real estate. If you wish to create a continuous flow of cast from the property you’ve bought, you need to make sure that it looks attractive. Features like high tech, parking spaces, and security features make a facility look enticing. Commercial space in Gachibowli is a good reference for this.
  • Documentation Process: A lot of times, people buy a property only to find out about some legal dispute that causes them a lot of money.  All title-related documents, approvals, taxes, etc. should be sent to legal authority for verification beforehand. If the facility is tenanted, the contract should be read thoroughly and understood to the very last detail. This ensures that there are no red flags in the future. All forms of mortgage and other pending dues should also be cleared beforehand.
  • Facilities and Amenities: If you’re buying a facility in a good location like a place near commercial property in KPHB, then it is your responsibility to make sure that the space offers state of the art facilities and amenities. In the commercial real estate market, almost everyone offers huge spaces. It is the facilities and amenities that separate the best from the rest of the crop. If you want a good return on your investment, then facilities like 24/7 power backup, cafeteria or food courts, essential retail facilities, sports arenas, and internet services should be readily available.
  • Tenant profiles: Understanding the different types of tenants available is crucial to your business. Instead of leasing your property for residential purposes, it is better to rent it to a commercial business. Unlike residential leasing, properties are leased to commercial firms for years. This ensures that there is a continuous supply of income for a longer period of time. Understanding your rights as a landlord is also important.

Even though investment in this sector can be quite lucrative, it is not something that you should do in a hurry. It is very important to properly research all the details before taking any decision. Big risks give you big returns, but in the long run, only those who take calculated risks win.


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Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate facilitates as an ideal opportunity for investors seeking to attain regular revenue with a market that consistently appreciates its value. Investors can relish additional valuation and improved benefits.

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The market inevitably plays a vital role in determining the position of commercial real estate. However, its strength to progress overshadows the risk factors involved. Before one settles for their decision, let’s discuss the primary privileges that make it a suitable choice.

  • An Elevated Income Source

Commercial Real Estate, although stimulates costs more as compared to the residential estate, it offers elevated earnings. Its enlarged space ensures more income with the ability to segregate the space and avail it to dual occupants.

  • Leveraging

Leveraging is the procedure where a commercial property is not purchased in full but with the assistance of a mortgage. How leveraging functions is, by allowing the investor to gain boosted income and pay a part of it against the mortgage. This fosters an efficient investment plan with liquidity, zero funds at hand, and engagement of profits.  An investor can thereby continue investment in several commercial estates and enjoy the additional funds.

  • Equity Potential

Equity refers to the capacity of the investment to prosper in terms of value with appreciation over the life of the investment. Commercial properties benefit from fast-paced and smooth equity, further boosting the returns acting in direct proportion to the value of the property.

  • Steady Cash Flow

It’s apparent that with an enhanced position in the market, commercial estates with more space and more tenants to occupy its assorted segments, accomplish loftier returns. The steady cash flow makes it an exemplary undertaking with periodic revenue that outweighs the expenditure paid to occupy the area.

  • Secured Community

Distinguishable from real estate, commercial spaces generally extend a safe and secure community to facilitate secrecy to the essential documents and other commodities forming a part of the firm. Further, modern developers encourage gated communities like the commercial space in Gachibowli assuring the office space is free from any theft, graffiti, and other malpractices.  The commercial area is sculptured with better infrastructure and neighborhood curbing any unsafe practices.

  • Slumped Risk

Real Estate is certainly one of the most secure segments with steady growth, this curtails the risk factor while investing in such a valuable property. The availability of more tenants further lowers the risk by ensuring multiple sources of income. A co-working space is an excellent example of such programs allowing an extensive number of individuals to avail the space and pay an affordable amount for it, making it a beneficial strategy for both parties.

  • Investor Portfolio

Any individual is permitted to invest in a commercial property without any restrictions. Even NRIs are captivated by this market due to its regular income and high appreciation.

Now that we have discussed some of the primary advantages attributing commercial estate investments, one can undeniably consider it as a superior choice over real estate investments.  With the availability of passive commercial investments, a new investor can also invest in this type of property with minimal knowledge and requirements. All the broadened benefits combine to render the investment a qualitative one with bowed risk. Be sure to seek assistance from experts to gain more knowledge about commercial office spaces in Hyderabad.


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Commercial Office Space for Sale in Gachibowli, Hyderabad

What is known as Commercial Space?

Commercial space refers to properties offered mainly to serve offices to perform their day-to-day operations. Its purpose is to deliver commercial spaces for sale to a business undertaking rather than a residential undertaking. This space is also designed and modelled with different compartments and sections to enable offices to perform with convenience.

Commercial Office Space for Sale in Hyderabad

If you’re intending on contributing towards setting up your own business and are exploring commercial space for sale in Hyderabad, why not just consider the best? Vasavi Group of builders are the best and the most trusted providers of commercial office spaces Hyderabad, acquainting buyers with luxurious models and favourable rates.

What are the Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Estate?

Investing in a commercial estate gives a sense of security and stability, thereby curtailing the burden that comes with a leased or rental estate. It’s also known to be the best form of investment as there are no risk factors involved and one can easily lease or rent the property out to other tenants and earn a good deal of finance. It’s also a large investment as compared to a residential estate which is why it provides much more returns.

Factors that make an incredible commercial space:

  • Secure Space- When it comes to purchasing a commercial space for sale, it is crucial to see that there is a proper security system in place. Also, it should be seen to it that the boundaries of the commercial space are properly guarded to avoid any case of theft or burglary of crucial commercial files, documents and money.
  • Affordable Prices- We know how real estate can cost a great deal. However, the profits and features that come with it are highly appealing. It’s also true that the demand for real estate is forever flourishing. At the same time, we should aim at making purchases at reasonable rates while maximizing our profits.
  • Flawless Design- One of the primary features that catch our attention while hunting for commercial spaces are luxurious and on point structures made by the professionals skilled in the art. A business undertaking requires a compatible space to work around with ease.
  • Quality Interiors- With design and model, commercial space requires quality interiors with good ventilation and an intact ceiling, an attractive on window view, cabinet spaces, and separate compartments for each employee, allowing them their own space.

Location- Location plays a vital role in terms of business operations, making your business easily accessible and noticeable to the rest of the world. Your business should be located in a space that avails convenient transporting, electricity supply, water supply, and makes for a highly dense and populated area allowing passersby to notice your business.

Commercial spaces in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, make for a remarkable location to place your business at and create an excellent impact on the market.

We’ve discussed how contemplating different factors before buying a commercial space is an essential step. The Vasavi Group of developers also address all factors mentioned above by providing flawless office space with impressive interiors whilst keeping the environment completely secure and provide such spaces at affordable prices.

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How to Select the Best Commercial Space

Selecting a commercial space depends on many factors. To select the best property or lands, you need to have your requirement list ready and start searching for one. The best commercial space comes with various factors mentioned below:

1. Nature of your business

The nature of your business decides what kind of space you require. The size of the space is dependent on the number of employees you would want to operate in that area. For example, you want a production space then there should be enough room to accommodate the people as well as equipment’s and machineries.

Poor planning of the workspace will leave you having a clustered space where working becomes difficult. The staff will become unproductive as well as unprofessional and the health of your company will start going downhill.

2. Space Layout and Amenities

The space layout decides what can fit inside the working space. Where can you situate the furniture and other things like a small kitchen etc. Sometimes you might feel the space is large but while placing the furniture, it may appear clustered.

A safe and comfortable working space gives birth to productive employees. The amenities of your commercial space will be the deciding factor. Many offices have a 24/7 coffee filter for their workers and some even offer free food.

3. Choosing the right location

The location will boost your business. If your company is situated at a place which is nearer to the railway station, then the chances of people choosing it increases because it saves their time and money. Also, a good developed location works wonders to impress the clients and conduct conferences and meetings.

Though it will be difficult to have a prime location commercial space, but it will leave a good brand image which will have lasting effects.

4. Read the lease terms carefully

After you have selected the best location for your business do not get too excited and rush to buy the property or sign any kind of document. The owner will push you to sign the lease documents as soon as possible but it is important to read all the terms and conditions and clarify any doubt or lingering thought.

Sometimes, charges are being hidden or false promises are made. Finding these out later will ruin your brand image. So, make sure you read those papers and make the right decision.


Before buying any kind of commercial space, get a better understanding of the property or the lands you are buying. Buying a particular space depends on your requirements therefore for each one it is different. You can be a manufacturing company so a huge space must be required to carry out production or you can be a small telecommunication start up and that will require a different type of space.

Therefore, make sure whichever space you choose, it fits your requirement properly and you can get the best outcomes from these places.