difference between buying a house and renting a house

Difference between buying a house and renting a house

When we move into a new city to start afresh, the first thing which comes to the mind is should I buy flats for sale in LB Nagar or just take one on rent. Buying your own house is truly beneficial in the long term, but what happens if you plan to shift to another city in the near future. So, when deciding whether to buy or rent a house, there are many factors which you need to examine.


  • Owning

Here the payment is mostly made upfront, and in huge amounts, the price of the real estate you are going to purchase will affect this. Even the home loans in India have significantly higher interests rate, making it a costly venture. Real estate market in India experience a lot of hiccups in prices, therefore an individual must be committed to this too.

  • Renting

In a rented place, the payments are made on a monthly fashion; hence there is no upfront payment. Even if there is, it will be considerably lesser than a home purchase.

However, in a rented place, the rent can increase after a certain period depending on the lender. This is not the case in an owned place.


  • Owning

There sure are many flats for sale in LB Nagar, and when you purchase them, you instantly get the options of customizing or renovating it as you see fit. Any type of incorporation and change can be accomplished on self expense.

  • Renting

This option is not likely to be present in a rented place. The lender would most likely prefer if the place is not altered in any way since this house will be transferred on to several people down the line.


  • Owning

The entire definition of owning a place is that the real estate purchased will be in your name, and no third party has the right to it. Having ownership comes in handy when you need collateral while acquiring a bank loan. Also, when purchasing a flat for sale in Hyderabad, you get the added perk of showcasing individual worth.

  • Renting

It is obvious that a rented place is owned by a third party and therefore you are not legally obliged to it. Most of the power is in the hands of the lender, and therefore any kind of alteration to the document or to the place has to be accepted. This also lessens the value a home brings with itself, especially the sense of ownership and independence.

buying a house and renting a house


  • Owning

This can be seen in two ways, one is the physical security of the place and other the monetary value. With the former, there is always the possibility of invasion if there are no proper measures in place. With the latter, since the money is already paid, there is no need to worry about any large expenses further up.

  • Renting

Here, the structure can be usually monitored by the third party when the residents are not present, reducing stress.

The payments you provide are on a timely basis, so there should be proper management of finance in order to pay the rent on time. This can affect any other usage of that money.

buying a house


It takes a person with the knowledge to assist a person who doesn’t. In Vasavi Group, whether you are renting or buying a house, there is exceptional guidance at every step. Their projects speak louder than words, therefore regardless of you renting a house or buying one, the invested structure will be a work of art.

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