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Apartment Vs Independent House Which is Better?

Buying houses or property is a big investment. Whether you intend to buy a home for yourself or purchase property for resale or to rent it out to tenants for getting a considerable income, a very important question that comes up is

Apartment vs Independent House which is better? 

Let us list the pros and cons of both the two, so that individual investors can decide for themselves which one is suitable for them, based on their unique priorities. 

Here are the merits and demerits of apartment vs independent house:

Aspects of Apartments

Apartments can be considered as the need of the hour because nowadays there are a lot of old couples who are alone and their children live abroad. These couples when living in a society can get companionship and support.


A greater amount of security:
In apartment complexes by Vasavi builders Hyderabad, the residents stay very close to each other and often they even share walls. If a resident cries for help to go through any accidents, it is more likely that the neighbors will notice these and come for help. In apartments, the people live in close proximity with each other, and this helps to put off criminals, which makes apartments safer.

Fun neighborhood:
In apartment complexes, neighbors live close to each other therefore there is a higher chance of it becoming a close-knit community, akin to a big family.

Greater chances of getting tenants:
Usually, the ones looking to rent a place look for smaller units. Therefore if you invest in 3 bhk flats for sale in Hyderabad or you can look for flats for sale in LB Nagar it will be easier for you to find tenants, as opposed to if you buy an independent house.


Privacy is limited:
People living very close to each other means there are reduced levels of privacy. Sharing walls lead to a lot of noise and other disturbances.

Limited ownership of land:
When you buy a flat, you just own the unit you purchased and whatever inside it. In terms of the amount of land, you have a small share.

High population:
Apartments are crowded. Common areas such as gyms, pools, etc are likely to be crowded during weekends and holidays.

The higher cost of maintenance:
Elevators and other amenities mean that the cost of maintenance of apartments is pretty high.

Aspects of Independent Houses


A lot of space:
Independent houses’ weight is better in the apartment vs independent house debate by the fact that independent houses are spacious inside the walls as well as outside. 

Better as a long-term investment:
Compared to apartments, independent houses yield better returns in the long run (in 7 years or more).

Greater privacy:
The amount of privacy you get is much more than apartments.

Healthy surroundings:
In general, independent houses or villas are located more remotely when compared to apartments. Therefore the atmosphere of the houses has lesser levels of air and noise pollution.


Not economical:
Obviously, independent houses are more expensive than apartments. An independent house is double or triple the price of an apartment in the same area.

Hard to get tenancy:
Tenants usually look for places right in the heart of the city, where villas aren’t usually located. Hence it becomes difficult to rent an independent house out. Even if you do get tenants, the yield will be low.

Maintenance is difficult:
In apartments, multiple heads come together to carry out the maintenance. In the case of independent houses, the owner has to do it on their own, which is pretty difficult. 

Possibly unsuitable location:
Usually, independent houses are located at isolated places which are far away from the heart of the city and the residents might need to travel long distances for going to offices, schools, markets, shopping center, etc.
So, from the above points we can conclude that if you wish a buy an apartment or an independent house, both come with its own pros and cons. Depending on your expectations and convenience, you can choose the property of your choice. 

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Benefits of a Home Inspection for Homebuyers

Buying a home is no less than a herculean task. One looks at the beautiful view outside the window and the house feels like a dream home- this may happen in a movie but in reality, one needs to be practical and keep in mind scores of other factors while buying a home. What is the need for a home inspection for Homebuyers? Agreed, you might have put in a lot of time and effort to look at the property with your real estate agent and you might also have checked everything that came to your mind in order to ensure that everything is suitable. Most of us are laymen and cannot make sure that every detail is perfect on our own. Hence, getting professional advice is very important. That’s where a home inspector steps in.

Here are a few benefits of home inspections for homebuyers and people to be aware of it. A home inspection will give you a look at the tiny things which are wrong and can be improved to avoid any last-minute hassle and stress. Hence, it is always advised to take professional help while investing in your dream house.

Here we are going to discuss the biggest benefits of home inspection for Homebuyers.

  • Know the condition of the home in details

    A knowledgeable and professional home inspector will take the time to inspect the home inside and out and provide you with a detailed report on its condition. For example, if you’re looking for flats for sale in Hyderabad, contact a home inspector working in that city, who will inspect a checklist of items with respect to your chosen flat and give you an organized, detailed report (even with pictures) so that you get to know the real and current condition of the home in details. Even if you do have the time to inspect the flat on your own, a home inspector will have a professional eye and will be able to pinpoint different aspects unbiasedly as well as critically, which you possibly won’t be able to.

  • Get a professional and unbiased opinion on the structural components

    Let’s suppose you’re looking for flats for sale in Hitech city, and you are satisfied with the look of one of the flats – but there may be underlying structural defects. A home inspector will know how and where to look for details and will give you an impartial opinion on the structural components of the home, such as the quality of building materials, the foundation of the building, windows, doors, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, ventilation, etc. If there are any flaws, you can talk to the seller and negotiate with him or her.

  • Get an estimated budget for future repairs/replacements if needed

    The home inspector will do a thorough review of the exterior of the home to let you know about the cost of its maintenance and how much you might need to spend in the future while conducting any repairs or replacements. Thus home inspection for Homebuyers is also helpful for the future.

  • A home inspection can also help during new construction

    During the construction of the new home that you’re buying, it’s prudent to get a home inspector to ensure that the builder isn’t doing any kind of foul play.

  • A full report will help in the future as well

    If you get a home inspection for your property now, all the important components will be checked and you will get your peace of mind. Moreover, this will make you aware of the things to keep in mind while buying a home, which may come handy in the future.

 These benefits of home inspection for Homebuyers will guide you. Most of us are followers and cannot make sure that every detail is perfect on our own. Hence, getting professional advice is very important. That’s where a home inspector steps in. Investment in a property cannot be done without conducting thorough research about the property and the facilities offered by the promoters. People general save a lot of finances to buy a house of their own.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take some time out and make sure that the property you are purchasing is worth the investment.

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How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent?

Every state in India is going through a massive overhaul in terms of infrastructure development. Everywhere new buildings, gated community flats in Hyderabad, villas, etc. are coming up to meet the demand of the customers. The real estate market is booming and the demand for this market is increasing day by day. But how to choose the right Real Estate Agent?

The reason for this demand is the boom in the population and the increasing purchasing power of the people. Buying a real estate can be as tricky and confusing as buying an FMCG product from a superstore. Nowadays, if you are going to the supermarket to buy an anti-hair fall shampoo, you will find there are millions of brands that are manufacturing the same product. This creates confusion about which one to buy. 

A similar scenario happens when you want to buy real estate. There are so many options to choose from that we sometimes get confused about which one to buy. Since there is an ocean of real estate properties to choose from, there are chances of making a wrong decision.

To solve this problem, in this post, we have highlighted a few tips and tricks that will help you to choose the right real estate agent.

How to choose the right Real Estate Agent.

  • See online reviews
    Since there are so many builders in the market, in order to select the best one of the lot, it is wise to check online reviews of the builder. The reviews will help you to understand the reputation the builder holds. Reputable real estate agents like Vasavi builders Hyderabad will always have positive reviews. 
  • Study their past projects
    To understand the potential and the credibility of the builder, it is advisable to inspect and study their previous projects. If the past projects have all the features and amenities promised by the builder, then the builder is trustworthy.
  • License
    Among so many builders in the market if you are wondering how to choose the right real estate agent, then the simplest way is to find out whether has legal license to conduct a construction business. 
  • Finance options
    If a real estate agent is selling flats with all the paper updated, then the agent should offer various types of finance schemes. If the builder is only insisting cash and cannot provide other options accepting the payment like a loan or bank overdraft, then you should immediately stop dealing with the agent.
  • Time frame
    Before settling down with any real estate agent, before paying any advances make sure that the real estate agent is confident regarding the completion and handover date. If the agent fails to provide a proper hand over date, then there is something fishy.
  • Speak to previous customers
    The best way to understand if the real estate agent is the right one for you or not is by asking the previous customers’ about their experience with the company. From here, you will understand the pros and cons of the real estate agent.

Hopefully, these points will help you in selecting the right real estate agent. Make sure to select the best one, because a wrong choice might lead to huge losses.

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Advantages of Living in a Gated Community

With an increase in the population of India, there has been an immediate rise in the demand for housing complexes and gated communities. The advancement in the Information Technology sector has also helped us to elevate our standard of living. Thus, people are now looking for premium quality apartments that offer all sorts of amenities and security features also have many advantages of living in a gated community. Residing in these housing apartments offers a lot of benefits which makes it one of the most preferred choices that people are considering in the present market. The IT capital of India, Hyderabad is making a mark in the real estate industry as well since there are many premium quality apartments now available within multiple gated communities. Various flats for sale in Hitech city can be availed and that too at affordable prices.

Some of the few major advantages of living in a gated community have been listed below:

Safety and Security – Safety and security must be the primary concern of every homeowner. The global crime rate is on the rise as issues related to theft, burglary and break-ins have been increasing at an alarming rate. On a yearly basis, millions of dollars worth of assets are stolen from various households all around the world. Not only that, but the safety of your family members is also essential. However, these limitations are mitigated when it comes to living within a gated community as 24/7 security surveillance facilities are offered. No intruder can enter any of these gated communities within acquiring a proper background check done by the verification of the residents concerned.

Living within a community – People all around us are busy with their professional lives. So much so that we often tend to become antisocial. However, that should not be the case as communication and interaction are what make us humans. Living in a gated community allows you to interact with like-minded people and socialize with them on a regular basis. It is also a great option to consider if you have old parents as they would have the option to communicate and socialize with people of their age group. It is also beneficial if you are a pet lover as there will be more space for your pets to move around and play.

Additional facilities – Many additional facilities such as gym, swimming pools, community hall, gaming room, and playground to name a few can be enjoyed by the residents of gated community flats in Hyderabad. If these amenities were to availed on an individual basis then it would cost you way more than what it did while purchasing an apartment in a gated community.

Hence, an investment made in these gated communities is something that will surely pay a dividend in the long run. Not only are these apartments of premium quality but also come with additional amenities plus have many advantages of living in a gated community that will help you to lead a better and prosperous life where you and your family members can live within a safe and peaceful environment.

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Choose the Best Area to Stay in Hyderabad With Family

Hyderabad is the fourth largest city in all of India and occupies close to 7 million people. The city is basically known for its Information Technology sector as thousands of IT techies are now shifting to the city for job opportunities. Hence, there is an immediate demand for housing apartments and gated communities. Therefore, there are multiple locations that occupy some of the very best apartments in all of Telangana. So if you are moving to the city and want to buy a new apartment then you must look to consider the following locations as they are the best area to stay in Hyderabad with family.

1. Madhapur – located right in the middle of the main city, Madhapur is a locality that has brilliant connectivity all around it. Major locations can be traveled with complete convenience from Madhapur. The location also hosts various schools, parks, banks, hospitals and malls which are vital things to consider when you are planning to move to a new location with your family members.

2. Hitech City  – This location shelters some of the best colleges. You can avail large and luxurious 3bhk flats for sale in Hitech city at affordable prices where your family members can enjoy a certain standard of living. Various transportation facilities such as railways and buses can help working professionals to travel across the city with the utmost ease.

3. Banjara Hills – Banjara Hills covers the major segment of the city which is now being utilized as a commercial hub where new IT offices and housing apartments are being built. With the turn of the century, Banjara hills soon began to attract a lot of IT professionals and now is perhaps the most populated and happening places in all of Hyderabad. Apart from all the necessary amenities of transportation and infrastructure, you can also enjoy some of the best cuisines that Hyderabad has to offer. Banjara Hills is extremely well planned and is a modern marvel when it comes to city planning aspect.

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4. Jubilee Hills – The Jubilee hills is considered to be the most elegant area in all of Hyderabad as some of the finest and luxurious apartments can be availed in this location. The locality occupies some of the most famous South Indian actors and filmmakers, thus, the amenities present in this location is second to none, to say the least.

5. Uppal – the major attraction of this place is that it has fantastic connectivity due to the presence of the newly constructed metro railways. Apart from that, the area is full of greenery which is ideal for kids and the elderly to enjoy.

So these are some of the top areas that are offering the best apartments for sale in Hyderabad at affordable rates. So if you are looking to move into the city then you surely must look to consider these areas as its perfect for you to live with your family.

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Residential Areas For IT Industries

The city of Hyderabad is known as the IT capital of India. With the growing need for IT professionals as technology is changing lives for the common people, there has been an immediate requirement for housing apartments where these technicians can reside in peace. This aspect has also helped the real estate industry of the city to grow immensely as various housing apartments are now being built that offer the best amenities. The infrastructure in terms of hospitals, schools, and retail shops can be accessed easily and working professionals can make their way to their office with complete convenience in residential areas for IT Industries

Unlike other cities in India, Hyderabad has a very reasonable and affordable pricing system on its real estate properties. The properties all around the city have the required facilities which allow an individual to maintain a specific standard of living.

Let us now identify some of the best residential areas which every IT professional should consider in Hyderabad.

1. Gachibowli – There are multiple flats for sale in Gachibowli which IT professionals can consider. Gachibowli is little on the exterior edge of the main city and offers a peaceful environment away from the busy city lights. The location is close to HITECH city, making it convenient for the techies to head off to work easily. Gachibowli is surrounded by a lot of parks and greenery, so it is a great place where children, as well as the elderly, can enjoy the ambiance of the location.

2. Nallagandla – Nallagandla is one of the most popular and in-demand residential areas in all of Hyderabad. The place is close to various IT offices and Financial firms which makes it a great option for all the working professionals and their family members to consider. There are many flats for sale in Nanakramguda, that offer several amenities at reasonable pricing points. Nallagandla is located right in the middle of the city, hence assessing various parts of Hyderabad becomes extremely easy from this location. The state government has worked on the infrastructure of the city with flyovers and railway station. Nallagandla has various options in terms of stores, restaurants, and mall which the family members can enjoy for the weekends.

3. Chandanagar – Due to the sudden boom in the real estate sector in Hyderabad, the suburban areas in and around Chandanagar is growing at a rapid pace. Both Gachibowli and HITECH are close to Chandanagar. This ensures that smooth communication is maintained from this location at all times. The convenience and amenities in terms of road conditions and infrastructure are second to none. So if you are looking for an ideal location to settle in with your family then Chandanagar should be right on top of your list.

These were some of the top locations which are attracting a lot of IT techies from all over the country who are moving to Hyderabad for job opportunities and are in need of residential apartments. Connect with the professionals today to more about these residential locations.

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Who Provides the Best Residential Apartments in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is slowly picking up the pace of development and is becoming one of the most important trade centers in the country. Numerous industries like information technology, manufacturing, automobile, pharma, nuclear, etc are making its way to the new “promised land” of India.
With this rapid development of the city, people from other parts of the country are migrating here in search of better job prospects. Since people are moving in, the need for residential apartments in Hyderabad has also increased. In this post, we will highlight which real estate developer is providing the most promising residential housing solutions to cater to the rising demand for real estate.

Who provides the best residential apartments in Hyderabad?

Vasavi Group, a real estate developer in Hyderabad, was established in 1994. They have contributed massively to improving the infrastructure of the city and have completed over 40 projects over time. By delivering high-quality properties, they have gained the trust of its customers. For this reason, Vasavi Group has established itself as one of the leading real estate developers and they are known for providing the best residential apartments in Hyderabad.
If you are planning to move into Hyderabad in the near future, do not forget to check out the properties offered by Vasavi Group.


Vasavi Sri Nilayam

Located in the RTC Colony of Hyderabad, this complex spreads over 11 acres. If you are moving with your family, then this complex is the perfect fit for you have the option of buying 2BHK as well as 3BHK apartments. This complex homes 773 lifestyle apartments and also carries the reliability of Vasavi Group. If you are looking to buy gated community flats in Hyderabad, then check out this project.

  • Location: LB Nagar, Hyderabad
  • Number of towers: 11
  • Elevators: Yes
  • Car parking: Yes
  • Power backup: Yes
  • Other amenities: clubhouse, pharmacy, supermarket.

Vasavi’s Solitaire Heights

Located in Nagarjuna Nagar colony of Hyderabad, this gated community hosts to 2 towers. This complex features a luxurious and flamboyant design. If you are looking for a residential property in the heart of the city, then this project is perfect for you. The Solitaire Heights is located in a strategic position where basic amenities like a bus stop, railway station, megastores, hospitals, Aditya Trade Center, etc are close by.

  • Location: Ameerpet, Hyderabad
  • Number of towers: 2
  • Elevators: Yes
  • Car parking: Yes
  • Power backup: Yes
  • Other amenities: clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, gym, skating rink, jogging track, party lawn, etc.

Vasavi GP Trends

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hitech city, then do not miss the opportunity to check out Vasavi GP Trends project. It is only 13 minutes drive from Hitech city and is one of the most iconic projects of Vasai Group. This 24 storied building consists of 14 flats per floor and the 13 sky villas on the 23rd and 24th Floor. If you are looking for a luxurious apartment, then this is the one for you.

  • Location: Nanakramguda, Hyderabad
  • Number of towers: 1
  • Elevators: Yes
  • Car parking: Yes
  • Power backup: Yes
  • Other amenities: clubhouse, lawns, jogging track, outdoor games, etc.

If you are looking to buy residential properties from a reputed and reliable developer, then Vasavi Group is the one for you. After the immense success of their past projects, there is no doubt the Vasavi Group is the best real estate developer in Hyderabad.

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6 Amenities That All Construction Companies Guarantee To Their Customers

Construction companies provide their customers with a wide range of options to choose from, expanding the possibilities of the instalment and building of residential blocks, academic institutions, and various other business organizations.

Individuals usually need to select from a large list of potential contractors to carry out their bidding with regards to the construction. Hence, it is mandatory to double-check the references provided and to be informed about the previous projects carried out by the companies. The head of the shortlisted firms needs to be interviewed to ensure the legitimacy of the contract.

The current boom in the economy has resulted in the increased purchasing power of the customers. For this reason, now people are aiming to invest in the real estate market. This demand has led to an upspring of construction companies. Reputed companies, like Vasavi Constructions, provides quality and modernized real estate properties.

Vasavi constructions give assurance to its clients of the quality of the materials used. Creating the perfect balance of modernity and tradition can leave an impact on the residents of the newly constructed sites.

Listed below are the 6 amenities that all construction companies guarantee to their customers

  • Amazing built quality

For becoming a reputed construction company, it is important to promise your customers about quality materials used for building a property. Real estate property is mostly a one-time investment. Therefore customers will be looking forward to investing in properties which can withstand wear and tear all throughout.

  • Proper plumbing and 24-hour water supply

Water is an essential part of any household. It is required for washing clothes and dishes, for bathing and also for cooking and drinking. Therefore, construction companies focus on providing efficient plumbing system, so that customers do not have to face any problem with water issues in the future.

  • Security

Security has become one of the most demanded amenities which everyone looks forward to. It is more important than having a gym or a swimming pool. A customer can be in peace of mind if he is staying in a secured place.

  • Updated paperwork

A construction company is judged on the basis of honesty and credibility. Therefore reputed companies like Vasavi constructions, always provide all the updated paperwork of the project to its project. This paperwork is needed to verify if the property is legal or illegal.

  • Proper electrical wiring

During the scorching summer season if we are unable to switch on the fan or Air conditioner, then it is like a suicidal mission. Construction companies make sure that all the electrical wiring is done properly and with the best quality available. If there is some problem with the electrical lines, then the constriction company will be at fault.

  • Modern Design

Apart from the above amenities which has to be provided by a construction company, a modular design needs to be given to the property during construction. A modular design will increase the goodwill of the company among its customers.

In this modern era of destruction caused by globalization and expansions of mainstream cities, social responsibility and environmental protection are an important part of any construction projects all over the world. Companies like Vasavi Construction contribute to the betterment of society and nature through numerous schemes.

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Hyderabad is Growing in Real Estate & This is How Vasavi Group Contributes

Hyderabad has been a hub of infrastructure development for several years now. The government policies have had a positive outcome on the economic development of this city.

The robust activities surrounding this city has been a result of the low pricing on the real estate market in various places across Hyderabad. The capital values in the city have been priced reasonably as compared to the other major cities in India like Chennai and Bangalore, this has given Hyderabad an opportunity to expand, grow and develop.

Residential areas are concentrated in the suburbs of the city, due to the added advantage of being close to the IT sectors.  Vasavi Construction has played a key role in the advancement of the substructures of the company-owned properties as well as individual homes in numerous portions of the main city area and the suburban parts.

The state government has provisioned large funds for the construction of better-valued properties and infrastructure development. This has been the key reason for the upliftment of the real estate industry in the booming city of Hyderabad, located in the south of the country.

Construction of the River Musi Expressway, expansion of the networks of the metro system, development of infrastructure in the pharmaceutical and information technology segments and other prominent projects have been undertaken to convert the ambience of the city into a modern, chic, and developed setting.

Vasavi Constructions have experienced a surge in the number of potential clients willing to spend on larger construction projects. There has been a significant decline in the unsold inventory of houses and office lots due to the higher affordability ratio, which has resulted in a major improvement in the economic stature of the city of Hyderabad.

Homebuyers and investors understand the importance of the lower pricing range of the real estate markets in Hyderabad and are willing to hire contractor and construction companies to aid in the process of setting up homes and business structures and firms all over the city.

The numerous policies that have been implemented by the previous and existing government officials have revolutionized and replenished the framework of the real estate market in Hyderabad.

More and more Hyderabadis are opting for a luxurious lifestyle accounting because of better infrastructure and cheaper prices. Several construction companies, like Vasavi Constructions, offer amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, clubs, and much more to its residents in order to attract a larger number of potential buyers.

Environmentalists in India are concerned because of the flourishing real estate market in the country. They are held accountable for the depleting natural resources, which is a major problem in the age of urbanization and globalization. Therefore, various construction companies are investing in greener and more sustainable projects that incorporate nature with the rising infrastructure in the city.

Buyers are also looking for environmental-friendly options that promote the well- being of humans and also nurtures the environment existing around such developments.

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Why You Should Pick a New Construction Over the Resale Property?

Whenever we buy a home, we think that we will stay here forever. But that is not the case. With time, numerous reasons crop up which forces us to buy new flats in Hyderabad. These reasons can be an expansion of the family, moving to a new city or simply bored with your old house. The bottom line is 80% of the families change houses with the passing time.

Now comes the question, when we plan to buy new flats in Hyderabad, we are confused about which property to go for. Should we go for a newly constructed property or a resale one? In recent years we have seen the rise in demand for new construction home and a decrease in the demand for resale flats.

In this article, we will discuss why you should opt for new flats

  • Low Pricing

New houses are normally bought from the developer themselves. Therefore, when you are buying a new constructed home, you do not need to pay any broker. When you plan a buy a resale house, the previous owner will want to sell the property at a much higher rate than he bought it. Therefore, this margin increases the price of a resale flat. On the other hand, if you wish to buy a newly constructed house, you only pay the minimum selling price for the property.

  • Energy Consumption

Resale flats are quite old and the electric meters which are installed in them are very old and sometimes faulty. Even the wiring and electrical connections tend to deteriorate with time. This aging of the electrical system consumes more electricity.

On the other hand, newly constructed flats have new wiring systems and meters and hence the electric consumption is quite low.

  • Financing options

Newly constructed flats are most of the times approved by banks for loan sanctions. The developer does all the running around and completes the paperwork required for getting the home loans pre sanctioned. For resale properties, the bank takes ages to approve the loan because of the strict scrutiny and evaluation they have to do before sanctioning the loan.

  • New wiring

Resale properties are very old and hence all the wiring, foundation, color wears out with time. Since electrical wirings also become loose, it, therefore, increases the risk of short circuit and other mishaps. Newly constructed flats, on the other hand, have the latest and more advanced wiring installed. This reduces the risk of short circuits and related accidents.

  • Better resale value

Resale flats are normally old. If you buy an old flat and then again want to sell it off, it becomes an ancient property. No one wishes to pay an enormous amount for an aged property.

If you buy newly constructed flats, then if you wish to sell it off, it will get a higher price than resale flats. This is because if you buy a resale flat and sell it off, the flat becomes a 3rd hand flat. But if you sell off a newly constructed flat, then it becomes 2nd hand property, which obviously fetches you more money.

  • No renovation cost

As discussed earlier, resale flats are old and if you decide to buy them, then you have to be prepared for spending extra money on renovation. Newly constructed flats are freshly built, so no renovation is required as all the foundation, plumbing, and electrical wiring are still new.

  • Minimal risk of diseases

Resale flats are known to be infested with bugs, molds, etc. Also, if someone who previously used to reside in the flat had deadly diseases, it could easily spread within the walls of the flats. This is a major concern because once you buy an infected flat, you will also be at the risk of getting infected from these diseases.

Newly constructed flats for sale in Gachibowli are fresh and no one ever has resided there before. Therefore the chances of getting infected from deadly diseases also reduce.

  • Clean Slate

Few resale flats have unwanted history attached to them.  For example, someone committed suicide when he/she was residing in the flat, or there was a  major quarrel which led to deadly mishaps. It is always good to stay away from such properties because although the events occurred years back, it leaves behind a trail of negative energy.

To avoid this misfortune, you should always opt for newly constructed flats, as these properties are not

  • More Spacious

Newly constructed flats are designed more meticulously and thus, the entire planning of the floor gives the maximum amount of space to the owners. Resale flats follow the olden style apartments which are very gloomy and space management is not implemented properly in these houses.

Thus, to conclude, you should always opt for newly constructed flats instead of resale ones due to the immense amount of benefits new flats provide.