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House Hunting? 10 Potential Red Flags to Be Aware of

Investments are not something you discuss at the breakfast table and especially when its something as important as buying a house. Being a not so everyday thing you must be having hundreds of doubts running across your mind while you look for a worthy home to splurge your savings on.

house hunting

At this point, we need not tell you how important it is to notice every small detail and not overlook anything to avoid spending some extra cash after a few years. Thus, we have curated a list of house hunting potential red flags you should keep in mind while touring around different houses. Make sure to take a step back when you come across any of these.

Looking for a new abode? Here is what to keep in mind:

  • It’s too good to be true

If you have found your way to this article, you probably have some doubts already. But, you might try to overlook them if you come across a property at great pricing. Apartments for sale in Hitech City are one of the most kept together words buyers are looking at and if you too are one of those be prepared to spend a little extra. However, keep in mind that the pricing of the property is going to be according to the area it is situated in and anything less than that is a little doubtful.

  • Owner history:

If you have genuinely liked a particular property make sure that you ask the agent for a list of previous owners of the house and how much time have they spend in there. This must give you some meaningful insight.

  • Pictures:

When your agent shows pictures of a particular house do not hesitate to ask for more. However, if your agent is hesitating in that situation there are chances that they are trying to hide some facts.

  • Neighbourhood:

If you are moving to a new locality altogether you might want to know a little about the neighbourhood as well. If you notice that a lot of houses are for sale, lookout.

  • Strange and loud noises:

If you are looking for a new home you most certainly want it to silent and peaceful. Hence, make sure that the neighbourhood is a quiet place and you do not have to go to a new house hunt soon after this.

  • Pipelines:

When touring a house you might forget to pay attention to the water system, drainage etc. But, remind yourself to do a quick check before you finalize things.

  • Odour:

While touring the house if you smell something foul or even pretty it is a great red flag that there is something wrong with the place.

house hunting

  • Location:

Looking at several other deciding factors you might be missing something very important, the location. If the house is situated near the highway or a busy market you probably want to stay away from that.

  • Immediate investments:

Before you come to a final decision of buying any of the flats for sale in hafeezpet or any other place for that matter, confirm with the agent if he will agree to make some changes or alterations or not.

  • Frequent renovations:

If you see signs of frequent renovations in the house it is a big NO and you should surely check other options.

Finding your way to this article you must have already witnessed some of these red flags in one or the other property and this article will only give you more reasons to be aware of spending your money on wrong property.

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impact of covid-19 on real estate
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Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate

Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate

All the years that came before 2020 suffered high or low prices in the real estate. But, the beginning of 2020 has just marked the worst Impact of Covid-19 on the property dealers. The pandemic has just ceased its market and inflow of income. But the doubt arises in the customers as this situation brings some low prices properties to them.

What is the scenario of real estate dealers in Hyderabad?

When talking about the overall market recession, the primary focus goes upon popular cities such as Hyderabad. Nowadays, apartments for sale in lb nagar have gained momentum due to the low prices. The straight Impact of Covid-19 on Hyderabad’s real estate is visible in the 43% price fall. It is surprisingly the most inexpensive sales figure for the entire decade.

In the real estate and property business, ground workers are said to be the pillars of the industries. Because they are the actual people that give birth to the entire establishment. But the Impact of Covid-19 is visible over the poor workers in the form of a financial crisis. As soon as the lockdown hit the nation, workers had to travel back to their homes leaving the projects behind.

And, all these half-done projects are a burden on the head of builders and dealers. They can neither sell nor complete these projects. Even if they want to sell these properties, prices need to be kept low. Hence, the situation is clearly a loss-full deal for the dealers.

Opportunities for Buyers

The fate of dealers and sellers is clearly in darkness but buyers can still keep their show going. Since the prices are dropping down, the chances of getting a big deal at a small price are high. If you have the right money, then it is a golden opportunity to buy your dream flat or get into some gated community in hafeezpet. In short, property buyers are subjected to the following benefits:-

  • Cheap loan interest rates– During this pandemic, the low-cost properties are backed by low-interest loans too. In case you do not have an ample amount of bank balance, you can take an easy loan at low interests. According to the director and HOR of Anarock, the loan interest rates have now gone down to 7.15% to 7.8% only.


  • Great chance to grab some solid asset– While running in the race of leading a stable life, the milestone of earning a secure asset has always remained untouched. But this COVID-19 situation can make you achieve it. Any house/flat/property is a great way to invest your money for good future returns.


  • Buy properties from the comfort of home– Since COVID-19 is an era of social distancing, dealers have digitalized their business. Many of the builders and property sellers have moved on to the internet for showing properties in the form of virtual tours. Thus, it will be another good advantage if you can buy your property by sitting at the comfort of your home.


Therefore, this pandemic has left different impacts on different kinds of people. Dealers and builders might be facing some loss but they can still try to make up for it by other means. Whereas customers should definitely take benefit of this opportunity by contacting some best dealers.

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5 common real estate business mistakes to avoid
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5 Common Real Estate Business Mistakes to Avoid

Real Estate Business Mistakes to be Taken Care Of

When you invest in a property, all you expect is a beneficial outcome and health consequences. To ensure security, taking care of some significant mistakes is essential. Avoiding the most common real estate investment errors can provide you with the best results.

1. Not Estimating Finances and Credit Reports 

Individuals often tend to hurry in the investments, without the proper estimation of finances. This is among the most coveted real estate business mistakes. It would help if you are always concentrating  on the extra costs that may hike up, such as maintenance, taxes, insurances and more. Listing down all the prices can help you get a better insight. After the correct evaluation of the expenses, you should proceed likewise.

2. Not Estimating Finances and Credit Reports 

Among the significant real estate business mistakes, lie the improper implementation of the investment plan. Individuals often forget to calculate their budget, goal and outcomes. The need is likely to be different per their age, jobs and expertise. Before you step further, you should be aware of your specific requirements. Once you know the needs, act accordingly.

3.  Keeping the Research Incomplete

A big mistake you can make while investing in real estate is keeping your research incomplete. Suppose you require commercial office space for sale in Hyderabad. Complete research regarding the prospects, charges, rentals and amenities of the area is what you need to do. Research and planning are the need of the hour before you lay out money on the real estate. Otherwise, it can lead to barren consequences.


4.  Incorrect Selection of Property

Individuals are often prone to incorrect property selection out of haste. The wrong choice of the property, without prior thoughts, can lead to zero outcomes. A lot of options can turn up when you choose to invest in real estate. Be it industrial spaces or villas, going for the commercial hubs is a healthy option. Say, you invest in office space for sale in Hyderabad in particular, that ensures better returns. Checking out the quality and facilities is significant too.

5.  Improper Choice of Developer

Among the most common real estate business mistakes, the last one is the incorrect choice of developers. While you invest the sum in real estate properties, choosing a reputed developer is indeed vital. They not only ensure remarkable quality services, designs, facilities, etc., but are also capable of making much of your task worry-free. Quality is what you need, always over quantity.

You might be a first-time investor or an expert in the field. All you should do is to be careful towards the mistakes. Taking care of the most common errors alongside a well-structured plan, unquestionably saves time and ensures superb benefits.

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5 expert tips
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5 Expert Tips For Finding A Perfect Office Space

5 Expert Tips For Finding A Perfect Office Space

Office spaces have been playing an eminent role in flourishing businesses. The Vasavi Group’s office space for sale in Hyderabad not only provides a professional working environment for the entrepreneurs but also leaves an impression on the clients and visitors.

But finding perfect office space has much more than it meets the eyes. The buyer needs to consider some crucial factors while buying a commercial office space, including location, built, interior, etc.

5 expert tips

Here are some secret tips for finding and buying a perfect commercial office space to get a head start for your business.

  • Know exactly how much space you need

The buyer should be well aware of the amount of office space he/she needs. On the one hand, where working with too little space promotes inefficiency and congestion, on the other hand, too much space leads to wastage.

The rule for buying a commercial office is 1000 sq feet per 6 employees. But undoubtedly space is a subjective thing. The entrepreneur knows what the best area is for him.

The owner can squeeze the employees in the office space using a simple formula to avoid congestion.

  • Consider the accessibility

Accessibility is a crucial factor to be considered while choosing a perfect commercial office space. The place should be centrally located and accessible by the owner as well as by the employees to avoid time wastage and promote productivity.

The place should be convenient to travel to. Buying an office too far from the reach of the employees will eventually lead to absenteeism, employee turnover, and time wastage.

  • Resorting to a coworking space a considerable option

Setting up an office in a coworking space is an excellent resort if you’re too tight on your budget. Coworking spaces allow the entrepreneurs to work with like-minded people, opening broader avenues for them. Thus, coworking spaces may prove to give a head start to your business.

Coworking spaces offer a variety of working spaces catering to the needs of the entrepreneurs. For instance, the entrepreneurs can ask for a conference hall, an individual desk, a meeting room, and much more.

  • Negotiate for rent/price

You should keep this mind that everything’s negotiable. The landlord will ask for the highest possible rent and since there is no definite thumb rule for rent, you can negotiate with the landlord.

  • Work with a trust-worthy group

Try to find a group that has been successfully building and selling office spaces to get on the safer side. Vasavi Group specializes in elite commercial office spaces and has a wide variety of office space for sale in Gachibowli

This not only ensures authenticity but also helps you get the best deal.

To Wrap up

Vasavi Group has been successful in fetching the best deals for office space buyers from all over India. The Group has an immense range of office spaces to offer and if you too are looking for perfect commercial office space, the Vasavi Group welcomes you to get a splendid office space and get a head start for your business.

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pros and cons luxury villas
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Pros and Cons Luxury Villas

Pros and Cons Luxury Villas

Luxury Villas are extremely beautiful and people can customize them every now and then as per the needs. The main reason why people go for villas and not flats are because the ample amount of space it offers and you do not need to share your space with others and also if you are looking to purchase flats then you can go for flats for sale in lb nagar or flats for sale in hitech city.

Villas definitely have an upper hand over flats but in some cases it also has various cons.

Below we have listed few pros and cons of owning villas.

pros and cons luxury villas

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The benefits that come with a villa

  • Lifestyle

When you are living in a house fit for a king, your lifestyle also follows to be the same. There is a better quality of living that is attended from a villa due to all the luxuries that are attached to it.

  • Space

Any villa executed by Vasavi Group tends to be integrated with a large amount of useable space, inside as well as outside. Therefore any new incorporation to the villa can easily be managed.

  • Scalability

Villas are meant to be diverse and represent a person’s unique identity. With every Vasavi Group villa, the future customizability options are massive. The villas are designed in such a way that it doesn’t possess any hindrance to any type of expansion or change.

  • Presentation

A house is visited by a lot of family and friends and there is nothing more exciting than showcasing the beauty of the house to others. With a luxury villa, this task is automatically accomplished with just one glance at it. The beautiful architectures and designs can make anyone jealous.

  • Locality

Villas are situated in grand areas, either in a community-based setting or alone. Even then, the neighboring environment is chosen so that they will reflect the same grandeur as that of the villa. The people residing around typically have a similar mindset too.

Some of the disadvantages that come with Villas

  • Cost

It is very certain that villas are not a suitable investment option for everybody, even with the affordable prices by Vasavi Group. Frankly speaking, some people don’t see the worth in spending huge amounts of money on a luxurious home.

  • Maintenance

When you are dealing with luxurious villas you have to even deal with all the maintenance that comes with it. This can include cleaning, bills, utilities, etc which can raise monthly expenses a bit more. There is a lot of energy output from various places of the house due to its size and hence electricity, water and light consumption is greater.

  • Security

Security is a major concern for a lot of people even for the ones not living in Villas. People take extra caution when leaving home and make sure to double-check everything. Luxury villas are hotspots for thieving eyes, but with adequate security measures, things can be eliminated.

  • Attachment

Villas are filled to the brim with luxury so much so that sometimes it gets too attaching. This can be intoxicating in the long term because leaving the house can be a challenge. People will tend to become lethargic and irresponsible, the comforts of the house will start to overwhelm the simple things in life.


Houses are a long term investment of not only money but even emotions, time and effort. Hence when purchasing a villa, the bad and the good must both be weighed in to arrive at a conclusion. However for a guaranteed satisfactory deal, Vasavi Group outdoes themselves every single time, hence their structures are famed all over the city.

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How to Select the Best Commercial Space

Selecting a commercial space depends on many factors. To select the best property or lands, you need to have your requirement list ready and start searching for one. The best commercial space comes with various factors mentioned below:

1. Nature of your business

The nature of your business decides what kind of space you require. The size of the space is dependent on the number of employees you would want to operate in that area. For example, you want a production space then there should be enough room to accommodate the people as well as equipment’s and machineries.

Poor planning of the workspace will leave you having a clustered space where working becomes difficult. The staff will become unproductive as well as unprofessional and the health of your company will start going downhill.

2. Space Layout and Amenities

The space layout decides what can fit inside the working space. Where can you situate the furniture and other things like a small kitchen etc. Sometimes you might feel the space is large but while placing the furniture, it may appear clustered.

A safe and comfortable working space gives birth to productive employees. The amenities of your commercial space will be the deciding factor. Many offices have a 24/7 coffee filter for their workers and some even offer free food.

3. Choosing the right location

The location will boost your business. If your company is situated at a place which is nearer to the railway station, then the chances of people choosing it increases because it saves their time and money. Also, a good developed location works wonders to impress the clients and conduct conferences and meetings.

Though it will be difficult to have a prime location commercial space, but it will leave a good brand image which will have lasting effects.

4. Read the lease terms carefully

After you have selected the best location for your business do not get too excited and rush to buy the property or sign any kind of document. The owner will push you to sign the lease documents as soon as possible but it is important to read all the terms and conditions and clarify any doubt or lingering thought.

Sometimes, charges are being hidden or false promises are made. Finding these out later will ruin your brand image. So, make sure you read those papers and make the right decision.


Before buying any kind of commercial space, get a better understanding of the property or the lands you are buying. Buying a particular space depends on your requirements therefore for each one it is different. You can be a manufacturing company so a huge space must be required to carry out production or you can be a small telecommunication start up and that will require a different type of space.

Therefore, make sure whichever space you choose, it fits your requirement properly and you can get the best outcomes from these places.

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4 common Real Estate Scams and How to Stop Them

When investing in real estate, one needs to be 100% sure of their investment since you fund a lot of capital in this process and if scammed then the losses faced will also be major. Unfortunately, the criminals in this field are getting smart and creating new ways to rob the customers and fool them.

Below we have outlines some of the ways and tactics which you must pay attention to when buying a property and how you can stop them:

1. Title Frauds:

The title fraud means that the buyer is fooled into believing that the land is certified and legal whereas its not. It can happen with developers as well as individual buyers. Here the innocent buyers are sold properties which are either disputed properties or duplicated title deeds.

It is not easy for the fraud to be detected sooner and people usually understand it later after everything is finalized and paid but then it’s gets too late because the criminal is far out of sight.

2. Selling using another’s name:

Here the buyer is said that the property belongs to a famous trusted brand of a developer but, the seller is nowhere related to that brand. The brand has no idea about the seller’s existence.

You can avoid this real estate scam by doing a good research about the brand and the properties relation. Sometimes even try to get in touch with the actual developers to cross-check the situation.

3. Delayed Projects:

Here the fraudsters promise a particular property or flats to the person at a particular time, but it never happens. The scammer will ask you for the money and in some cases, people book these possessions and end up not getting the property for years.

This problem has happened in multiple locations and one time in Delhi, a very famous developer has delayed the process by 3 years and people filed a complaint against him.

4. Deviation from the plan:

The builders in this case deviate from the construction plan which they promised. There could be an inclusion of an additional floor with flats but without any official allowance. Sometimes usage of spaces in a wrong manner like using children’s play area for paid parking.

Sometimes, the greedy builders also extend the building premises illegally which is also deviation from the plan, and you can avoid so by learning about the project in detail and doing a background check as well.


From all the above scams mentioned, what we learned is that before buying any particular property be aware of all the scams listed above and even more to make sure you are not blindly investing into any type of real estate possession with half knowledge.

Frauds are increasing every day and if the right steps are taken then people can uproot this problem and have a safe investment. After learning about a property and feeling that it is too good to be real and it may ring some bells then stay away and look for something else.

5 easy ways to calculate eligibility for home loan
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5 Easy Ways to Calculate Eligibility for a Home Loan

5 Easy Ways to Calculate Eligibility for a Home Loan

With the ever rising prices of real estate it has become next to impossible for the general public to make an investment in the form of residential apartments. This is precisely why the need for home loans has increased in the domestic Indian market. Home loans are issued in accordance with a set of factors. Acquirement of the loan is dependent on some factors which are given as:

    • Qualification/ Experience
    • Credit and Payment History
    • Employment Type and Income
    • Down Payment, etc.

Applying for a home loan is an important decision and you should know about all the factors that include your eligibility as well as the bank that you’re choosing. Questions that you should ask yourself before applying for a home loan are:

  • What are the different loan options?
  • Does it provide suitable EMI?
  • Does it maintain the CIBIL Score?
  • Is there any repayment tenure?

After you have answers to these questions, it is important to know if you are eligible to apply for a home loan. That can be known by predefined eligibility norms, which are:

  • Applicant’s Age → 18 to 70 years
  • Applicant’s Salary Requirement → Rs 25,000 and above
  • Work Experience (Salaried Applicant) → 3 Years or above
  • Stability (Self-Employed Applicant) → 5 Years or above
  • Minimum CIBIL Score (Credit Score) → 650
  • Maximum loan amount → Up to 90% on property value
  • Percentage of EMI → 65%

An applicant is eligible for the home loan to be approved only if all of the mentioned factors are satisfied.

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Here is a list of some of the easy ways in which eligibility for a home loan can be calculated

1. Online Eligibility Calculators: With the increasing use of internet and information technology, it is now possible to access, manage and view all the loan related details just at the click of your mouse. Various loan eligibility calculators are available online. You just have to provide the necessary details and wait for the results.

2. Visiting a Bank: To gain clarity, visiting a bank is a good option. With the consultancy of banking professional all your doubts regarding eligibility can be immediately addressed.

3. Getting in touch with the organization that you are employed at: Many of the company’s offers different types of equity loans to their employees and home loans is one of them. The rate of interest may vary as per your company’s policy.

4. Calling your bank’s customer care service: If you can’t pay a visit to the bank, the customer care services are available to provide you with all the necessary information about the eligibility process for a home loan.

5. Dropping an Email: Emailing your bank with your queries is another option to know your eligibility.

It is important to be well aware of all the requirements that’ll help you to gain a home loan at the earliest. For any further information, it is advised to contact an expert consultant.


list out benefits of luxury villa
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List Out The Benefits Of A Luxury Villa

List Out The Benefits Of A Luxury Villa

Living in a posh villa can fulfill all your needs and objectives of maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. Metropolitan cities in India offer some of the finest amenities in terms of real estate. The city of Hyderabad in particular stands head and shoulders above others. There are various benefits of a luxury villa that have been highlighted below.

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1.  Establishes a Standard of living – Living is the most lively thing about life in itself. The one of the most essential benefits of a luxury Villa is establishing a standard that helps you live life to the fullest. From a private theatre, swimming pool, architectural aesthetic landscape to anything imaginable, a luxury Villa makes for an ideal impulsive aspiration.

2. Valuable and smart investment – Rightly, luxury villas make for smart and profitable investments in real estate. There is no reason to remain skeptical or doubtful of investing in them since the increasing values of the land are likely to yield increased returns. There are various flats for sale in Hyderabad that are worth considering when it comes to investment.

3. Private and comfortable space – Whether or not you are an introvert, private space and social distancing can be passionate cravings more often than not. Another premium benefit of a luxury Villa is the privacy and comfortable space that it offers for you to distance yourself from the chaos and disturbances of the city life without practically running away from the city itself.

4. Quality facilities – Services are the most drool-worthy benefits of a luxury villa. From domestic helpers to the various services at your disposal for spending your leisure time which may include a gym, garden, children’s club, health club, a party hall, indoor games, etc. a luxury Villa and various other premium apartments for sale in Hyderabad offer a well-curated list of facilities to adjust services to your comfort.

5. Personality development – While this may not directly appear to benefit you in a materialistic sense, the truth owns a villa certainly makes you more confident since you begin to feel sorted and stable in life. The peace and satisfaction of owning a villa spike your comfort and hence you eventually begin to appear more confident and put together.

As tempting as the benefits of a luxury villa appears, the personal happiness and content of owning a villa are eventually what counts for more and that is inexpressible. While the above-listed benefits are objective facts and observations, each one of us can have our subjective benefits and reasons for acquiring a villa.

There are various top-quality real estate groups in Hyderabad that can assist you purchasing such unique establishments. With the guidance and assistance of such experts you can fulfill your dream of living in a luxurious apartment. Therefore, get in touch with these experts today to avail more information about the real estate industry.

factors to consider before applying for home loan
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6 Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Home Loan

6 Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Home Loan

Long known to be a safe and smart investment, the demand for property is growing each day. The prices of prime real estate such as apartments for sale in lb nagar have snapped up within months.Whether the purpose of a home loan is to secure a property investment or turn a house into a home, it is an acceptable avenue that can be considered for obtaining funds. With reasonable monthly payments and different repayment plans, banks make the process easier.Nevertheless, acquiring a loan is easier said than done. Much thought has to be put in the process of taking a loan and before you even think of applying, consider these 6 factors to apply for the home loan:

1. Research thoroughly

With the Internet at your fingertips, conduct extensive research on your available options so that you can settle on the right lender for a suitable internet rate and EMI. All these details are to be considered before, during and after the application should be clarified so no hidden surprises show as a rude awakening.

2. Credit score

The first factor to apply for the home loan that should be considered is a good credit score and credit history makes it easier to acquire loans at lower rates of interest with added credit benefits.  A score above 750 and close to 900 is considered great by lenders consequently leading to easy approval of the loan.

3. Rate of Interest (Fixed/Floating Rates)

A fixed rate of interest is when the interest rate stays constant from the time the loan was sanctioned, regardless of any fluctuations in the financial market. On the other hand, a floating interest rate signifies that the interest rate at which the loan was sanctioned will vary as per the market conditions. In today’s financial market, most borrowers prefer a floating rate of interest as it is proved to have more long term benefits, as compared to a fixed rate of interest.

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4. Repayment Tenure

When you opt for any kind of loan, make sure to check whether the bank will allow you to opt for shorter repayment tenure. It is always advisable to opt for a shorter tenure, because the more time you take to pay off the loan, the more interest you need to pay.

5. Employment Stability and Number of Dependants

Banks carefully consider applicants with a larger number of dependants. Larger the number of dependents lesser becomes the possibility of getting the loan sanctioned with lesser interest rates. The lenders make an assumption that if there are more dependents, the loan repayment capacity of the borrower decreases, as his/her monthly salary will be spent more on dependents, resulting in delayed or missed EMIs. Stable employment and regular income help provide a favorable impression.

6. Changing Lender or Balance Transferring 

Borrowers can switch their current lender with another lender. Mainly, the shift is made because of the low interest rate offered by another lender. If this is done, a prepayment penalty is levied so this should only be considered if there is a significant change in the interest rate. The additional cost is a processing fee that is paid to the new lender.

Taking all these factors into thought, decide for yourself if a home loan is the right decision for you or not.