A house is a place where people return to after a long and tiring day. It is important to own a house of your own rather than living on a lease or as a paying guest. It gets even better when the house you own is very much similar to your dream home.

Vasavi Usharam Integra Apartments

We all have dreams about owning a particular style of condo. We all dream of having a house which is completely designed as per our vision with no rules or regulations. But in reality, a house which is exactly like your dream house is nearly impossible. But you can own a similar house in Hyderabad or Bengaluru, the two most important commercial cities of India.

Vasavi Usharam Integra Apartments

Vasavi Group, founded in 1994, builds amazing houses in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Till now it has completed more than 40 projects. Their projects also include apartments, gated communities, and shopping complexes. They have made quite a name by providing quality property to their clients.

It is obvious that before buying a house from Vasavi Constructions, you need to know the reason why to prefer this construction company? Here are 10 reasons why should you choose Vasavi Constructions.

  • They are the leading real estate developer in Hyderabad. To back this data, The Times of India has awarded them with Best High Rise Project and Best Residential Township. They have shaped Hyderabad with more than 40 residential and commercial projects.
  • They are the most trusted real estate developer in the city. The successful selling of the projects shows the trust of the customer towards the estate developer. It has also received the best residential township (Ongoing) award in 2018.
  • Quality houses with a touch of innovation are also delivered by Vasani Constructions.  Each project is better and beautiful than the previous one.
  • They have developed more than 98, 90,300 sqft of land. They also aim to construct on over 10 million sqft of land before the next 5 years. They include more free landscape in their current project than the previous one.
  • They aim to provide houses which are equal to people dream homes with maximum comfort.
  • These projects are constructed under the supervision of professional architectures, designers, and contractors. These professionals ensure a safe and beautiful house for your family.
  • Vasani Constructions are known for punctuality and discipline. They complete their projects on time. They very well understand the value of time for their clients. And therefore, they do not compromise with it.
  • They select the perfect spot for their projects. These places have a peaceful neighborhood and all the basic facilities nearby like market, bus stand, etc.
  • They provide affordable housing solutions. All the procedures followed while buying a house of Vasavi Construction is completely transparent.
  • They are known for their reliability, quality, and innovation in real estate.